Wes and Adam the writers

Weston Scott (Writer) got a 5 on his AP English Language Test and a 4 on his AP English Literature Test, so yeah—he knows a thing or two about writing! Weston’s most wide-reaching work is certainly JFK ’n Me, which has been seen by just under a hundred unique patrons. He is a frequent collaborator of Adam Niemann, on such works as JFK ’n Me and the first five pages of over fourteen plays, screenplays, and epic poems. Weston has written one other work, entitled Donut Time: A Jelly-Filled Tragedy, based on the week leading up to and following the infamous Donut Time Murders, of which Weston was a key witness and one-time suspect.

Adam Niemann (Writer) has been writing his own destiny since his birth. He’s often being told that he should write more often—especially from Wes and from David Mamet on MasterClass.com. JFK ‘n Me is Adam’s first full show and he couldn’t be prouder to have actually finished it after applying a modified version of Ernest Hemingway’s advice, “Write [full of sugar], edit sober.” Adam has also taken some improvisational theatre (or “improv”) classes, so he even knows how to write on the fly. Catch him on the right night and he might even improvise a line for you. But no promises… he can’t plan it beforehand!

Wes and Adam the Actors

Weston Scott (Actor) believes that “all the world’s a stage”, and has spent his life trying to prove it! His earliest role was playing the dual roles of Salesman #1 and Newspaper Man #3 in The Music Man, and he has never looked back. Other important roles include Ewart Dunlop in The Music Man, Marcellus Washburn in The Music Man, and, in perhaps his most noted stage performance, Harold Hill in The Music Man. His greatest compliment came from his AP U.S. Government teacher, Mr. Jimison, who wrote in Weston’s senior yearbook, “You remind me of a young John Candy.”

Adam Niemann (Actor) comes from a long line of professional opera singers and is proud to represent them with the time-honored art form of musical theatre! Adam’s first performance was at 4 years old when he played an elderly person for his family’s amusement—capturing the transformation with his catchphrase, “I’m an old, old man!” He has since played Juggling Peasant in Camelot, Juggling High Schooler in High School Musical, and Simeon in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor… Coat—where he was told he would not be allowed to juggle. He hopes to make his father proud by, as his dad likes to put it, “shaking his [butt] at the audience.”

Wes and Adam the Influencers

Weston Scott (Influencer) is hip, happening, and here to have fun! With 1100 Facebook friends, 595 Instagram followers, and  287 Twitter followers, Weston could have his pick of what he’d like to influence. However, his lifelong ambition makes him want to influence one thing and one thing only: the course of American musical theater! He was notably the runner-up for Social Butterfly in his senior year in high school.

Adam Niemann (Influencer) knows how to use the world wide web. He can design a super cool website. He can link articles that are super important. He even has a Reddit account now, so you can be sure that he’s cool. He was social media assistant at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for an original musical that was written by someone else. Ultimately, he knows his best influencing is influencing your heart as you watch JFK ‘n Me in the theater. He also worked really hard on www.AdamNiemann.com, his very own website that makes him feel like a real actor.